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Vuk Gripz - Stars and Flag

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Vuk Gripz are American made bat grips with a Premium Friction design that are thin, durable, slip resistant, and provide premium performance benefits!

Performance Benefits of Vuk:

VukGripz has tons of science to support its findings including a Fortune 500 Company’s professional study done on these products! These bat grips with Premium Friction will outperform sticky, tacky alternatives everyday! Premium Friction does not use a sticky or tacky top coating like other leather alternatives do. So, other products will get used a few times, that top coating will dissolve, and will leave players with a slick feel. When this happens, players will be left searching for a way to increase their performance again. Players should be able to only use grips/tapes to keep a hold on their bat. If they need a batting tape product and pine tar/stick/grip boost to keep an enhanced hold, then those products are working against you. Adding those liquid grips will weigh your bat down making it slower through the zone.

VukGripz utilize a Premium Friction design with millions of micro-replicated fingers. When a player squeezes down, those fingers spread apart and grab onto your hands or batting gloves. When this process occurs, players gain the ability to “Grip Lighter & Hold Tighter!” This philosophy allows players to free up their muscles by adding relaxation to their swing! That increased relaxation will allow players to increase there range of motion and flexibility! Both of those will increase the fluidity of a player’s swing. Fluidity allows players to become smoother and quicker. Those benefits will then translate into natural explosiveness and control. Then, to measure the benefits, players will begin to see their consistency increase, bat speed increase, and exit velocity increase!