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*Limited Edition* 9/11 Memorial Bat 🇺🇸

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“We all have a duty to devote at least a small portion of our daily lives to ensuring that neither America nor the World ever forgets September 11th.” - Sen. Bill Frist 

He healed the broken hearted and binds up their wounds. - Psalm 147:3 


This bat is the small devotion by SR Bats, in the hope that the world always remembers Sept. 11, 2001. We are humbled and proud to donate 50% of the proceeds to the 9/11 Memorial Fund.

With Gratitude we dedicate this bat to the Firefighters, EMS Units, Police Officers, and Brave Americans who died trying to save lives and to the memory of all who perished in the towers, Pentagon, and United Flight 93. -SR Team 



Red Barrel with a worn American flag still flying strong as the Eagle pierces through with strength in his eyes. 

Navy Handle

White Accents